Commander Riker to direct the next Star Trek film?

WilRikerRoberto Orci is no loner slated to direct the next Star Trek film. Given that has never directed anything and that his script for Star Trek Into Darkness was abysmal, this is good news for Trek fans.

Now, there is a movement to get Jonathan Frakes to direct the next Trek film. Frakes is best known for playing Commander William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation. More importantly, he directed my favorite Star Trek film, First Contact.

Frakes himself has said he’s willing and able to helm the franchise. And I say, why not? He seems to understand Star Trek so he might the breath of fresh air the franchise needs as it approaches its 50th anniversary.


About Dom

I study constitutional politics in Southeast Asia and I occasionally work as a consultant for rule of law projects. I enjoy science fiction and fantasy stories, both as an escape and as a way to better understand our world. One day, I hope to write a book about politics in genre literature.
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