Rogue One & Star Wars: Episode VIII

Star has just announced that the first standalone Star Wars film will be titled “Rogue One,” directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Felicity Jones. Meanwhile, Episode VIII will be directed by Rian Johnson and will be released on May 26, 2017 – 40 years after A New Hope.

Based on the title, it seems like the standalone film will focus on starfighter pilots. Could this be the Star Wars equivalent of Top Gun? I’d love to see a good dogfight. Even after 30 years, I don’t think anybody’s managed to top the space battle in Return of the Jedi.

I’m a bit concerned about Rian Johnson for Episode VIII. I saw Looper and, although I appreciated Johnson’s ambition, the storytelling was a bit convoluted. Hopefully he’s gotten more experience since then. Besides, Star Wars doesn’t have time travel.


About Dom

I study constitutional politics in Southeast Asia and I occasionally work as a consultant for rule of law projects. I enjoy science fiction and fantasy stories, both as an escape and as a way to better understand our world. One day, I hope to write a book about politics in genre literature.
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