Blomkamp “Alien” film

Like my new hat?
Like my new hat?

Neil Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi film, Chappie, hits U.S. theaters on March 6. Earlier this month, I reviewed Blomkamp’s breakout hit, District 9. Last week, I reviewed Elysium, his 2013 followup. In 2017, we have this to look forward to…

Neil Blomkamp has announced that he will write and direct a new Alien film. Blomkamp released some concept art for his vision (available here). We don’t know much except that Blomkamp wants to continue the story of Ellen Ridley and Corporal Hicks from James Cameron’s Aliens

It’s clear that Blomkamp believes sci-fi should be used for social commentary. It’s less clear what issues he will want to tackle in the Aliens universe, but he’ll have plenty of fodder. The first two Alien films are subject of more academic articles than any other franchise (save perhaps Joss Whedon’s Buffy). Both Alien and Aliens have underlying critiques of the military-industrial complex. The films also explore concepts of motherhood and female empowerment. The picture of Ridley wearing an Alien mask suggest that issues of identity will feature prominently in the script.

Alien and Aliens are classics and there’s always a risk that a sequel tarnish the franchise (witness Alien: Resurrection). Nevertheless, Blomkamp seems to have a vision and I for one am intrigued to see his take on the franchise.


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