New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Trailer

Disney just released another teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m thankful that it doesn’t actually give away too much (I’m trying to avoid any and all spoilers until the film comes out). Check it out here!


2 thoughts on “New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Trailer

  1. Mike Nardi

    I’m loving the classic J.J. Abrams grandiose style of setting – the (Super?) Star Destroyer crashed into the sand in the background, the Millennium Falcon flying through an engine…the visuals already look outstanding. I agree that the two trailers released haven’t revealed much of anything regarding the story line/plot development, but do you expect anything less from this director?

    Ultimately, I think Abrams is setting the goal of expanding the “Star Wars Universe” in more ways than one. His visual/special effects are the obvious mode of expansion he’s shown so far (very impressive so far), but the real test will be how he branches the Skywalker family tree into a new generation while still keeping some important connections with Episodes IV-VI.

    Some questions I’ve had:
    Who is narrating this trailer? Old man Luke?
    Will Han and Chewie play a big role, or just act as old buddies we’re familiar with?
    What’s the deal with Vader’s old helmet?
    Have we even seen the new bad guy? First trailer, red light saber?
    Who are the three new young protagonists and how are they related? Is the X-Wing pilot the new Jedi to keep our eyes on?

    -All these questions are likely to be answered within the first 30-60 minutes of this movie, but what’s more important is that these questions probably haven’t had such big question marks next them since the making of Episode I, but even then we knew who the antagonists/protagonists were going to be.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not you think Abrams is going in the right direction with this, and what your hopes are (or aren’t) in the making of the next chapter. Will the speculation around the storyline live up to great and creative imaginations of Star Wars fans, or will Disney soften up the franchise in an irreversible way?


    1. Oh I’m definitely thankful for Abrams’ secrecy this time around. I really don’t want to be spoiled.

      – Pretty sure Old Man Luke is narrating. That’s Mark Hamil’s voice. (in the first movie, Andy Serkis narrated)
      – I remember hearing rumors a while ago that when Michael Arndt left the scriptwriting duties that JJ wanted to give Han a bigger role.
      – My guess about the helmet: I suspect the film will make a big deal of the Skywalker legacy. Luke kept it as a keepsake from his father to show the next generation of Skywalkers their legacy. We’re probably not going to get anybody wearing it.
      – Pretty sure that’s the bad guy. We saw his mask in this trailer as well. It looked like Darth Revan from the video games.
      – The black guy Finn looks like a stormtrooper. The girl Poe I’m almost sure is a Skywalker. She really does look like a cross between Han and Leia. No clue about the X-Wing pilot. Kind of looks like he could be related to Wedge Antilles.

      In terms of direction… it’s really too early to tell. You know I’m not a huge fan of Abrams or Disney. These trailers are designed to maximize excitement without giving anything important about the story away. So the visuals look great, but that’s really all we have to go by – and frankly I never doubted a JJ Abrams film would look good. I have no doubt it’ll be an entertaining space opera film.

      My concern is this: will it be anything more? All six of the previous Star Wars films actually touched upon a lot of rich philosophical ideas. They also asked challenging questions about morality and characters. I can’t think of many other film franchises in which the kid who looks like the main hero becomes a genocidal dictator like Anakin in the Prequels. The films say a lot about the nature of good and evil, the relationship between the body and soul, etc. I think that’s why Star Wars (and Star Trek) have stuck with me so long compared to other action/adventure franchises.

      My biggest fear is that Episode VII will be *just* an entertaining space opera film, without those layers of subtlety. Pretty much what JJ did with Star Trek. JJ has always been more interested in character development and spectacle than Big Ideas and philosophy. That can make for a great movie, but Star Wars is more than that. And of course, Disney tends to play it pretty safe when it comes to storytelling. Then again, this new film has to establish so much about the characters and setting, so it might just serve as an introduction before the more interesting parts of the story can be told in later movies.

      So really until we find out more about the story I really can’t judge how JJ is doing.


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