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“Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS” by Joby Warrick

For most of my adult life, the United States has been at war against radical jihadist groups. On September 11, 2001, I remember watching as smoke rose from the Pentagon. Initially, our response seemed clear: wipe out Al-Qaeda. However, 14 years later, not … Continue reading

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“Armada” by Ernest Cline

I recently wrote a review of Ernest Cline’s Armada for Mythgard Academy’s blog (available here). I am reprinting here as it is in many ways a companion piece to The Last Starfighter… In 2011, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (which I reviewed … Continue reading

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“The Last Starfighter”

I’d heard about The Last Starfighter for years, but always from people who claimed it merely copied Star Wars. During the 1980s, many studios tried to imitate the Star Wars phenomenon. Paramount pulled Star Trek out of mothballs so it could have its own sci-fi franchise. Universal’s Battlestar … Continue reading

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Legendarium Media: Star Wars as Pulp

In Mythgard’s The Force of Star Wars class, we’ve talked quite a bit about the influence of the 1930s Flash Gordon serials on the Star War saga. Although Star Wars (especially A New Hope) falls into this tradition of pulp space opera, it isn’t limited … Continue reading

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“The President and the Apprentice” by Irwin F. Gellman

History is storytelling that relates to people, places, and events that actually existed at one point in time. Yet, history is still storytelling, so our understanding of history very much depends on who tells the story and why. This means that some stories we had once … Continue reading

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Star Wars & Tie-in Media

I’ve always been fascinated by the cinematic storytelling. What we see on screen represents a compromise behind the artists (director, writer, etc.) and the studio financing and distributing the film. George Lucas and Star Wars dramatically changed this relationship, allowing producers and … Continue reading

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