Star Wars & Tie-in Media

MickeyVaderI’ve always been fascinated by the cinematic storytelling. What we see on screen represents a compromise behind the artists (director, writer, etc.) and the studio financing and distributing the film. George Lucas and Star Wars dramatically changed this relationship, allowing producers and marketing departments to become more involved in the creative process. In my latest article for Legendarium Media, I look at the Star Wars Expanded Universe as an example of how tie-in media affects storytelling. By producing so much tie-in media, companies complicate authorship and the ability to craft a single narrative. You can read the article here.


About Dom

I study constitutional politics in Southeast Asia and I occasionally work as a consultant for rule of law projects. I enjoy science fiction and fantasy stories, both as an escape and as a way to better understand our world. One day, I hope to write a book about politics in genre literature.
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