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The Martian (by Ridley Scott)

Last week, I posted my thoughts on Andy Weir’s The Martian. It’s easily one of the best science fiction books of the century. Fortunately, Ridley Scott’s film adaptation is very faithful to the novel. I won’t summarize the plot again (just read … Continue reading

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“The Martian” by Andy Weir

I’m (finally) going to see Ridley Scott’s adaptation of The Martian tonight. In honor of that occasion, I am posting my review of the original novel. I’ll post a review of the movie early next week. The story of The Martian is … Continue reading

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Star Wars & religion

As part of my series of articles for Legendarium Media, I recently wrote two pieces about some of the religious themes in Star Wars. The first, “The Star Wars Prequels as a Journey from Religious Dogma to Mysticism” (here), is an attempt … Continue reading

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Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesman

In my high school history class, my teacher described Henry Clay as the most important American politician who never became president. In Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesman, Harlow Giles Unger’s new biography of Clay reminds us why. Clay was a … Continue reading

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