Star Wars & religion

As part of my series of articles for Legendarium Media, I recently wrote two pieces about some of the religious themes in Star Wars. The first, “The Star Wars Prequels as a Journey from Religious Dogma to Mysticism” (here), is an attempt to reinterpret the Prequel and Original Trilogies by looking at how Jedi religious practices evolved over the course of the saga. In “Hokey Religions and Midi-Chlorians” (here), I look at how the concept of midi-chlorians lines up against Eastern and Western religious traditions. At the least, writing these articles has helped me to better appreciate what George Lucas was trying to accomplish in the Prequels, to the point where I have no trouble viewing all six films as part of a continuous whole.

For those interested in a deeper discussion of religious themes in the Star Wars saga, I highly recommend Paul McDonald’s book The Star Wars Heresies.


About Dom

I study constitutional politics in Southeast Asia and I occasionally work as a consultant for rule of law projects. I enjoy science fiction and fantasy stories, both as an escape and as a way to better understand our world. One day, I hope to write a book about politics in genre literature.
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