“Mass Effect 3”

ME3_Cover_ArtMass Effect 3 is, for the most part, bigger and badder than its predecessors. This time, the Reapers invade the galaxy. Earth is devastated. Commander Shepard leads the counteroffensive and tries to give scientists enough time to build a superweapon that can destroy the Reapers. This is space opera at its most epic. But not without its flaws. Continue reading ““Mass Effect 3””

“Mass Effect 2”

MassEffect2_coverI don’t have much to say about Mass Effect 2, except to say that it’s good. Very good. ME2 continues Shepard’s story from the first game. The bench of characters is larger this time around and more diverse. Throughout the game, there are specific missions tied to each character (loyalty missions) where you explore that character’s past or help them make a difficult decision. The ending, rightly praised as one of the best in video game history, ingeniously changes based on the player’s relationship with each character. Continue reading ““Mass Effect 2””