“The Guardian” interview with Richard Adams

The Guardian recently posted an interview with Watership Down author Richard Adams. I recently posted a review of Watership Down in which I praised Adams’ ability to empathize with rabbits. Both the book and the interview are well worth reading. You can read the interview here.

“Tales from Watership Down” by Richard Adams


Watership Down is rightly regarded as a classic. Richard Adams wisely resisted the temptation to write a traditional sequel. However, he did attempt to satisfy readers’ demands with Tales from Watership Down, a set of tales told in the aftermath of the warren’s’ victory over Efrafa. The first set of tales provides more background on the rabbit legend El-ahrairah. The second set reveals what happened to El-ahrairah after he left the Black Rabbit of Inlé’s lair. The final set continues the adventures of the Watership Down rabbits. Continue reading ““Tales from Watership Down” by Richard Adams”

“Watership Down” by Richard Adams

wdI have a lot of friends who adore Richard Adams’ Watership Down. This is a book for adults about a bunch of cute little bunny rabbits. Naturally, I was a bit puzzled, but also intrigued. I finally decided to try it when the Mythgard Academy podcast selected it as the next offering in its free podcast series. I came away impressed with the book, but not for the reasons I’d expected.

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